Mastery Paths Quiz that is not Reported to the Gradebook

Idea created by Jason Sherwood on Jul 26, 2018
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    • Jenny Trombatore
    • Rob Ditto
    • Stacey Noonan
    • Matthew McGoldrick
    • Darrell Spells
    • Ryan McNavage
    • Jason Sherwood

    The Problem:

    One of the ways we use Mastery Paths is to allow staff or students to choose their own path of content.  To do this, a quiz linked to Mastery Paths is created and through the use of a single multiple choice question, users choose the level or type of content they want access to.  For example, in a professional development course, teachers take a quiz with a single question to determine if they want modules with one grade level content versus another.  The result is a series of self-paced modules that contain only content related to their grade level of instruction.  While this works great for isolating content specific to that teacher, the grades that are recorded for teachers completing the course are affected by this "choose your own adventure" type quiz.  The teachers who choose the path in the quiz that results in 0 points (the incorrect answer in the quiz), will always have that fewer points at the end of the course than the teachers who choose the other path (marked as the correct answer in the quiz).  This makes it difficult for grade pass back to our internal record keeping tool.


    The Solution:

    A quiz that can be built for Mastery Paths where the score is still able to determine the material available to users, but is not recorded or shown in the gradebook.