Allow changing rubrics globally after attached to assignments

Idea created by Abigail Smith on Jul 26, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Right now, if the same rubric is attached to more than one assignment, and you edit the rubric in one assignment, it only changes the criteria for THAT assignment's rubrics, and creates a COPY of the previous version of the rubric, which is attached to the other assignments.  There's no notification that this is happening, though; it just happens.  We should be given the option when making changes, whether we want these changes to apply only to this assignment, or to make the same changes to ALL versions of the rubric.


    We should also be able to update a rubric from the "Manage Rubrics" page, and have the updates apply to all assignments to which it's attached. This would save us a lot of time, and ensure consistency across a course.