Ability to Generate Student Pairing Code within iOS Student App

Idea created by Lindsey Sickler on Jul 27, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Jeff Rerick
    • Jessica Fife
    • Barbara Mikulecky
    • Bobby Doriot
    • Samantha Reid
    • Paul Goodenough
    • Kayla Thornhill
    • Jonathan Wood
    • Mike Crawford

    With so many K-12 students being 1:1 with iPads, there must be a way to generate the new Student Pairing Codes within the iOS app settings. It causes great confusion and frustration among our students and parents when a critical feature, such as the pairing codes, is not accessible through their tablet app. I love that the new pairing codes eliminate password sharing; however, it has complicated the process for parents to connect and observe our younger students who are using Canvas continuously throughout their school day.