View Total Points Possible (denominator)

Idea created by Dana Lindon-Burgett on Jul 30, 2018
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    gradebook new total points possible


    The following was provided last year by Kona Jones in the community:

    • If you go to the Gradebook and click the gear icon and select "Treat ungraded as 0" you should then be able to mouse over the grade in the Total column for your test student (or any student in the course) and see the total number of points earned over the total number of points in the course. This is for ALL assignments, not just the ones that have been graded. <--So this is what you can do to get the total number of points for all assignments in the course.


    We are migrating to Canvas and are preparing for Fall 2018. We noticed that the function you described above is not available in the New Gradebook (currently in beta).  


    Are there plans to add this or a similar feature in the new Gradebook?  As others have mentioned, faculty are looking for a way to verify that they have calculated/set up the total points correctly before classes begin.


    Faculty just need a quick way to confirm that the denominator in the course is correct...this way they can verify that all assignments have been properly created.