Add ability to select multiple assignments on the Assignments Page

Idea created by Gerri Roberts on Jul 31, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Joseph LeDosquet
    • Elizabeth Prickett
    • Luis Moreno

    At the moment, one can only select and move either one assignment OR a group of assignments on the Assignments Page. There is no way to select multiple assignments and move them to another group. For example, I have assignments imported from another tool (TestOut) and they all went into the assignments category. I am separating them by unit, however, have been moving them one by one as I cannot move a group of them to their perspective unit group. See screen shot:


    As you can see in this picture - there are two separate units in the list of assignments. I would like to be able to select all of unit 8 and move it to the Unit 8 container, and I would like to select Unit 7 and move them all to the Unit 7 container. In the current interface, I cannot select multiple items - either I can do it one by one, or the whole group (which I obviously do not want to do as I want to move part of the group, not the whole thing).


    This makes the process very time consuming as there are 184 assignments from the TestOut platform that copied over. While being able to import them saved a lot of time and typing, I am still having to spend a lot of time to organize them.


    Thank you!