Recovering deleted typed discussion items

Idea created by Scott Fredrickson on Aug 1, 2018
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    • Scott Fredrickson

    I need to start off admitting I am the world’s worst and slowest typist.  Last night I wrote out a length missive for my students directly into Canvas as a discussion posting.  Before I closed for the evening, I did some checking/proofing on some other work and found a discussion message I thought I had deleted.  Being somewhat tired, I click and deleted it – however it was not “it.”  The one I deleted was the lengthy one I meant to keep.  All of this was totally my fault.


    However, Canvas has no way to recover a deleted file.  That makes no sense.  Surely, I am not the only dingdong to have deleted a file unintentionally.  This will be the last time I type directly into Canvas.  I will write it in Word and then post it.  That is a step that should not be necessary in a good LMS. I contacted the Canvas help folks on chat and was informed that recovering a deleted file was not an available option/action and I should contact this address and request it to be considered for adoption. 


    My suggestion/request is to have a method for recovering deleted files/discussion items, etc.


    Thanks for considering it.