Instructor Activity Panel

Idea created by Kate Burkes on Aug 3, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Kate Burkes
    • Stian Hauger
    • Rob Ditto
    • Jasmiene Domingo

    As our use of Canvas grows, we would like a way for admins to be able to see the recent activity of their instructors, all on one page (a panel).  I realize there are commercial products out there that do a fine job with this, but they are not always affordable.  


    Our sub-account admins are department chairs and deans, who would like to provide better supervision for online and blended classes, as well as monitor other instructors who are using Canvas.


    We would like to see an Instructor Activity Panel that includes data such as:

    • Date last logged into system
    • Date last graded a student assignment.
    • Date last interacted in a discussion

    It would be great if these were color coded or somehow highlighted if a threshold was met (like red text for no activity in 7 days).  Even better would be some kind of notification system that would email admins if an instructor showed no activity for 7 days.