Students able to see all users in "People"

Idea created by Jennifer Conner on Aug 6, 2018
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    • Jennifer Conner

    We had some concerns raised about the "People" section and whether or not it is FERPA compliant. At this point in time, our FERPA compliance officer stated that students should be able to see all users in the "People" section. Students are currently unable to see the Designer and Observer roles, it seems they also cannot see any role created off of either of these two roles. We would like students to be able to see everyone affiliated with the course in the "People" section. (We still want to control who sees the "People" section.)


    We are looking at recreating the Designer and Observer roles; but if we create the Designer role based off of the teacher role, it looks like it will show as a teacher in some places, which is not ideal. We are also looking at the option of having faculty post an announcement stating who they have added to their courses.