User- and course-based replace strings

Idea created by Luke Konkol on Aug 6, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Michael Merline
    • Eva Zysk
    • Brian Ledwell
    • John Hollenbeck
    • Stephen Beers
    • Shane Degen
    • Susan Fager
    • Luke Konkol
    • Jennifer Hendryx

    The ability to add coded strings in the text of pages or other HTML rich locations (like assignment instructions) which are replaced (outside the HTML editor) with course or user information. Possible examples:

    • {{c:name}}   course name
    • {{u:given}} {{user:family}}   user's "first and last" name
    • {{a:score("Unit 3 Quiz")}}    score on assignment with name, etc.
    • {{a:due("Unit 4 Quiz")}}   due date of given assignment with name
    • {{a:duenext}}   name of next assignment due
    • {{a:due(a:duenext)}}   combination of the above
    • {{n:rand}}   random number
    • {{d:today}}   today's date

    Certainly other formatting or different configurations / complexities are more likely.