Add Module Item Id to Discussions and Quizzes

Idea created by Seth Childers on Aug 6, 2018
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    Hey all! As I've been developing with the Canvas API, I've had need to tell if a Quiz/ Discussion is an Assignment or not, and be able to tell if it is a Module Item or not as well. Why?


    Here's an example of what I'm currently trying to do: 

    Our LMS team is trying to uniform courses in a few ways. For an even simpler UX design, the decision at the top level was made to only show students a few tabs in the UI, taking away the ability to see the Quizzes tab and the Discussions tab on the left of their screens. This decision is out of my hands, so there is no changing it. 


    One of the things we are doing to uniform the courses is to make sure all of the quizzes and discussions have module items attached to them, so that students can access them. 


    I can go through the API, GET all of the module items, and see if they are Discussions or Quizzes, but I can't go through the Discussions/ Quizzes and tell if they have a module item attached. So I can get all of the ID's for the module items that I don't need through the module item API, but it would be super helpful to be able to tell if the quiz/ discussion has a module item attached.


    It would also be very helpful to see if the quiz/discussion has an assignment attached or not for the same reason. It is current possible to tell by checking the assignment_id for Discussions and quiz_type for quizzes, but even a boolean checking if they have an assignment or a link to those assignments through id would be very helpful.

    Thanks everyone!