Student view of non-scoring rubrics in Speedgrader

Idea created by Natalie Norton on Aug 7, 2018
    Open for Voting

    We love the new non-scoring rubrics, but have some concerns about the student view in speedgrader. They don't seem to be able to expand the view, as staff can, so can end up having scroll bars on each rating.  In addition the 'show rubric' link is not very obvious, so could be missed. 


    The student view in 'grades' is much clearer, but the feedback link from dashboard etc takes them to Speedgrader so this is the one they are most like to access. 


    If the spacing for students is fixed (ie cannot be expanded) it would be better if students saw the same summary view that staff see once the rubric is completed


    Staff view in speedgrader: 

    staff view of rubric in speedgrader


    Student view in speedgrader (this is a mock up, but many of our rubrics will have a lot more text):


    student view of rubric in speedgrader



    Being able to remove the points is a huge win for us - we are very keen to increase use of rubrics now, but do have concerns about the student experience.