Better equation editor needed

Idea created by Michelle Ramirez on Aug 8, 2018

    I teach linear algebra and differential equations, to include Laplace Transforms.  My students need to be able to properly notate vectors and insert matrices.  This is currently not possible with the Latex Open Rich Content Editor.  One cannot even create the equation in a different document and paste it into the Content Editor in Canvas.  I contacted Canvas support and was told that my students' only option right now is to use this code, copied directly from the support chat session: 


    Julian M (4:43:42 PM):it looks like you can set this up to do a matix : \begin{bmatrix}
    x_{1} & x_{2} & x_{3} & \dots & x_{1n} \\
    x_{a1} & x_{a2} & x_{a3} & \dots & x_{2n} \\

    x_{d1} & x_{d2} & x_{d3} & \dots & x_{dn}


    As you can see, the code is not clear and not easy to follow, especially for a student in a math class with no programming experience.  My students have timed quizzes and they need to be able to create multiple vectors and matrices.  I request that an equation editor be implemented in Canvas that can support a fuller range of options such as the one used in Blackboard or in Microsoft Word.  


    Thank you so much! 

    M.R. Ramirez