Allow admins to grant multiple users permissions for item banks in New Quizzes

Idea created by Ken Mayer on Aug 10, 2018
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas


    Currently, the item banks are viewable and editable ONLY by the user account that created them.

    They are dead to anyone else, even if the person is the superuser admin.

    This model is unsustainable for any serious institution with multiple instructors teaching the same courses semester after semester.


    Can we please allow Canvas admins several powers:

    • to see all the item banks in a particular course
    • to grant multiple users permissions in item banks (just view, also view analytics, or also edit)
    • to clone or export item banks (so two instructors can independently modify and customize their own banks, without undoing each other's edits)
    • to set a course-wide permission, allowing by defaulr ANY instructor the right to edit the item banks for that course?

    I can foresee the current user-based resulting in the an overwhelming and confounding number of item banks, so the api call for them should probably include another parameter to limit by course, subaccount, or current semester.


    Comments from Instructure


    For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2019-08-17) .