Change "available until" date when assignment is dragged in the calendar

Idea created by Beth Young on Apr 16, 2015
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    It is wonderful to be able to change the due date of an assignment by dragging it in the calendar. However, the "available until" date does not change along with the due date. This sometimes results in assignments being locked before they even open. It would be great if the "available until" date would change at the same time as the due date.


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    August 5 Update from Jason Sparks

    Hello Beth!  I've been reading the comments here, and there are some great ideas on how we could tackle this solution.  Changing how we handle the release of content is some that comes up on discussion.  Managing availability, etc. of content relative to the final due date does seem like a solution. We would need to gather more information on how this would affect the Canvas backend and core services.  Seems like we'd have to do some major surgery in Canvas' "gutty works" to solve this.


    I know we will not be able to address this issue within the next six to 9 months, but I will mention this to the team for some further discussion.


    Please let me know how I can continue to help.



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