Allow commenting within HTML code so that Instructional Designers can communicate with faculty.

Idea created by heather brown on Aug 14, 2018
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    Allow comments within HTML code. There are many times as an Instructional Designer when I do a little extra coding for my instructors. This may include adding a link and hoverable text to an image, resizing a table, etc. Most faculty do not know HTML and therefore when they want to change something they do not know where in the code to do it. For example, if I made them a set of buttons which link to outside websites and have hoverable text and the instructor wants to move the buttons to a different spot on the page, they would just highlight the buttons themselves and move them not knowing that they just broke all of the links and hoverable text.


    If I could label sections of code for faculty, this would allow me to communicate which sections of code to move and which sections to not touch etc.


    <!-- Please allow commenting within html -->


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