Cl - Allow Serif Fonts or Similar for Math and Science to Differentiate between I (Capital i) and l (Lowercase l)

Idea created by Jennifer Sussman on Aug 14, 2018
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    Cl -- is that carbon and iodine or chlorine?


    Which is it? 


    Now, if you teach chem, you know that only makes sense as chlorine. BUT, if you are LEARNING chem, O to the M to the G!!!!


    You have NO idea. So you guess. 


    On behalf of all Chem and Physical Science Teachers out there -- PLEASE add an option for a font that includes the above and below bars on the capital I so that it looks DIFFERENT from the lower case l. Hmmmm. Did I type an I or an l, or one of each, like this Il, or both one ll, or both the other II?



    Thank you!