Make setting copyright more efficient

Idea created by David Legg on Aug 16, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • David Legg

    At my institution we have to set the copyright for every document that is uploaded to Canvas. Resizing the copyright pop-up, and enabling batch setting, would make this process a lot more efficient.


    a) Set the same copyright permission for a group of files using check boxes - the benefit is pretty obvious: if my institution holds the copyright for most of the files, dealing with them as a batch is a lot quicker than setting the permission for each one individually.

    b) More efficient layout of copyright permission pop-up - reducing the size of the pop-up box and bringing the elements (publish, copyright drop-down menu, Accept button) closer together would save time and be more ergonomic. The current layout is very spread out, so users spend more time moving the mouse around than is truly necessary, and induces a sharp bend of the wrist to the right in order to click Accept, which isn't a very natural movement and causes discomfort when repeated ad infinitum. As the screenshot shows, it's just much larger than it needs to be, to the point of being inefficient and unergonomic.


    Minor tweak, makes work that little bit faster and life that little bit nicer, reduces actions that generate RSI, should be straightforward to implement - please vote for it!