Image Gallery (Media Album) Feature in Canvas

Idea created by Employee on Apr 16, 2015
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    I've heard from a few liberal arts schools that an image gallery feature in Canvas (either connected to the files section or in the pages area) would be very helpful. I've also heard this called a lightbox image gallery.


    This would be something where the images are uploaded and easily displayed in a preview box. Clicking on the image would then allow it to expand for full viewing.


    If this is something that would interest your institution, please vote up the feature.


    David Keiser-Clark Mika Hirai



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    October 2016 update by Chris Ward

    There are a lot of image gallery solutions out there that have excellent solutions in this space. Take any of them, coupled with the Redirect Tool LTI from the Canvas Edu App Center ( and you have really elegant solution.


    We'll be archiving this feature idea. Thanks for voting and participating in the community!