Idea created by F Lynn McMurrey on Aug 21, 2018
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    • F Lynn McMurrey

    nonlinear quiz  I am trying to make a practice quiz that will start with a question about a basic piece of knowledge that a student in my class needs.  If they can answer it correctly, the go on to question #2.  If they cannot answer Question #1 correctly, the quiz automatically takes them to another question that helps them learn the answer to the first.  The program then takes them back to the first question, which they hopefully can now answer correctly and it then moves them on to question #2. 

    If they answer #2 correctly, they move on through the quiz until they make a mistake. When they don't know an answer, they are taken to a question that helps with the answer, and then takes them back to the beginning again.  After each attempt a certain small percentage of the total possible points are deducted.

    The goal of the "game" is to make it all the way through the quiz without an error.   Hopefully by the time they can accomplish this they know the material thoroughly.

    With the increasing goal of interactivity in online classes, this little game is not only a learning tool, but can be set up as a way for students to compete with each other in the class, to see who can complete the task in the fewest tries,   

    The structure is :

    1 correct go to 3

    1 incorrect go to 2 then back to 1

    3 correct go to 5

    3 incorrect go to 4 then back to 1

    1 correct go to 3

    3 correct go to 5

    5 incorrect go to 6 then back to 1

    etc. etc. etc.

    After each attempt the student loses a percentage of the total points possible