Discussions, SpeedGrader & Jumping Back to a Student's Post

Idea created by Cheryl Chapman Champion on Aug 27, 2018
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    • Cheryl Chapman
    • Laurence Kennedy

    Hello Rad Canvas Community!

    This may be simple or complex, not sure. As many, I use a discussion rubric and leave comments to an individual student in Speedgrader. More than once, as I am typing, I realize instead of commenting to one student, I should share my 'brilliant' (lol) comment to the discussion, since it might benefit the whole class.


    So while in Speedgrader, there is an option to click the link to view the full discussion, which brings up the full discussion in the left side of the Speedgrader window. The other option is to click the link that has the title of the discussion. Pretty much the link ends up on the same page BTW, there is a link at the top of each student post/response in Speedgrader, which - you guessed it - brings the full discussion into the left side of the Speedgrader window.


    It would be super cool if there was a link either at the top of the student post/response or elsewhere (in Speedgrader) that would take you to that section in the discussion so I can post/reply right there. I have found it somewhat helpful to search when I get back to the discussion, for the student response with some keywords, although this is hit or miss and entails the death scroll sometimes. Then I use the Reply button just under the discussion prompt...


    I do certainly appreciate any insight, support or information!


    Have an awesome Monday!