Find specific links, documents, or images using a search tool when in edit mode as well as search for a specific page in the View All Pages tab.

Idea created by Juliette Dalhed on Aug 29, 2018
    Open for Voting

    One of the problems I face is an inability to easily search through the hundreds of items I have in my courses.  When I want to create or edit a new page I have no way to easily find a specific file, module, or image.  Instead I have to scroll through hundreds of items to find those that I want, which are usually the most recent and are always located at the bottom of the list.  In addition, once the pages are made there is not an easy way to find a specific page on the View All Pages list.  I, again, have to scroll through hundreds of them to find the one I want.  I would really like to see a search tool on the top of the Pages list as well as within each of the edit options (Links, Files, Images).


     All Pages Tab  Links Tab -> Pages Files TabImages Tab in Edit Mode