Show file directory structure when adding files to modules

Idea created by Ben Prytherch on Aug 29, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • Sandy Munnell

    Currently when adding a file to a module, we click the plus sign, choose file, and then find our file from a list.  I make extensive use of directories and subdirectories when organizing files, but when choosing a file to add to a module, Canvas displays all directories and associated files in a straight list arranged alphabetically by directory name.  This gets cluttered fast and makes finding the file more time consuming than it needs to be.  It would be much more efficient to locate the file using a traditional folder directory browser, a la the "Files" interface in Canvas or Windows Explorer.


    For example, if I am trying to add a file in module 8, I have to scroll to module 8, which is under "course files / modules / module 8".  And this comes after "course files / data" and "course files / exam materials" but before "course files / pictures".   (The fact that the scroll window is narrow and cannot be expanded doesn't help matters.)