Viewing Outcomes for Each Student

Idea created by Stacie Gomm on Aug 31, 2018
    • Stacie Gomm

    It is very cumbersome to see all of the outcomes for each student and the students scores for outcomes.  The ability is already built in to Canvas, but it takes many clicks to get to.


    Solution -- Introduce another option in Grades.  View Student Outcomes.  Students names down the side.  Outcomes across the top.  Outcome scores show in the grid.  The outcome names link to the actual outcome so a teacher can see the full name in a Pop-up.  The scores for each outcome could like to the artifacts produced.


    Again, all of this functionality is already built.  It is just putting it all together where it is easy to see.  With Standards Based Grading becoming more and more prevalent, teachers need to see student outcomes quickly and easily.