Display online user list on home page

Idea created by Monica Swindle on Sep 5, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • David Willmore
    • Monica Swindle
    • fernerj@erau.edu
    • Lili Steiner
    • acompton@stchas.edu
    • Jerol Enoch

    Add an option to display the Online User List (already exists in the Chat tool) for the course to the course home page so that users can see who else is "in the classroom" when they are with the ability to click on online users to chat, to click on offline users to view their profile, and the ability to be displayed as offline if they don't want others to see their online status or be able to chat them. 

    Students can often feel isolated and disconnected in online classes, and it can be difficult to replicate the social aspect of a face-to-face classroom.  The ability to see and talk to others, including the instructor, who are online in the class when they are would help create social presence, interaction, and a sense of community for learners.