Create a group for DPSP students who get 1.5x time

Idea created by Tracey Magrann on Sep 5, 2018

    I would like to be able to click on PEOPLE, then CREATE A GROUP that I can put all my DSPS students into, who get 1.5x on all tests. Then I would like to click a drop-down menu that allows me to choose "1.5x time on all quizzes". That will cause Canvas to automatically allow those students 50% more time on each test, so I don't have to open up each test, search for each student name, and allow the extra time. We are not told who all the DSPS students are on the first day of school. They trickle in as their paperwork becomes available, so we have to go through the whole process of opening each test every time we get paperwork on another student. I have 22 chapter quizzes in one of my classes, and it takes a long time to go through each one every time a student notifies me they get 1.5x time.