Post All Notifications on the Student “Course Activity Stream” not just to the “Notification Preference” Location

Idea created by Sandra Hurteau on Sep 6, 2018
    Open for Voting

    In comparing notifications received by e-mail to those posted on the student dashboard “recent activity” we have seen many events that are not posted to “recent activity.”  Your “Canvas Notifications” user guide confirms this.


    If an event is important enough to send a notification to the “notification preference” location, why isn’t is important enough to send to the “course activity stream”?


    It is the “course activity stream” or dashboard "recent activity" that students see when they first log in on their dashboard so they can quickly and easily see what is new!


    The students could have an extremely useful tool in the “course activity stream” or student dashboard “recent activity.”  Every time a student logs into canvas, they expect to see the latest updates for all of their courses on this page. 


    However, because of the Canvas defaults, many important events that students need to know about are not sent to the “course activity stream.”  A few of these events include: 


    Edits to pages

    New file added to course

    Comment added to assignment submission

    And many more


    Students should not have to rely on notifications sent outside of Canvas, to e-mail or text messages, to see these important updates.  These notifications are a great “double check” but the “course activity stream” should be the number one place to check for all course updates.


    Please change you defaults so all events that trigger a notification will go to the “course activity stream” as well as the “notification preference” location.


    Thank you.