New gradebook sort on secondary ID

Idea created by Holmer Jordan on Sep 6, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Lisa Ward
    • Holmer Jordan
    • Genetha Smith
    • Jason Crandall

    In the new grade book the ability to sort based on secondary ID has been removed. In the old gradebook there was a secondary ID column. Mine had SIS ID or Login ID, I can't remember which. Our institution uses a student ID as both SIS and Login. Anyway... the importance of this column was being able to sort on it. We ID our students based on graduation year (high school). For example a student in the class of 2022 ID # would be something like 122000. All of our IDs are in order based on last name alphabetically. So last name A will be low ID and last name Z will be high. 


    This feature should have never been removed and I suggest we add it back.


    Comments from Instructure


    A Search on Secondary ID was implemented in Canvas Release Notes (2018-10-27) .