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Idea created by Victor Ivrii on Sep 8, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I coordinate a large class (630 students, 4 lecture sections, and 10 tutorial sections) and each student has a LEC section and almost have also TUT section, shown in both "People" and "Grades". However about 50 of them have enrolled only into LEC section. I want to advise them to enrol also in TUT. Sending announcements to all students "some of you are not enrolled in TUT section and if you are among those then do it ASAP" is problematic because it affects all students, and is also ineffective.


    So I want to send announcement only to those students who are not enrolled in TUT (Then it will be "You are not enrolled in TUT. Do it ASAP "). Using UNIX text manipulation, I can easily extract from grade export file (csv) the list of SIS-logins:


    foobar01, foobar08,....., foobar617


    and I really want to copy–paste this list in some form on Post New Announcement page.


    I understand, that this is a new feature and it will not be implemented soon (and may be never).