Can we edit who announcements go to within groups?

Idea created by Heather Lemire on Sep 10, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto

    I am a nursing professor, and at our school we do group teaching, so each semester of the program there are 7 faculty members who participate in various portions of each nursing course.  We have created "clinical groups" and "advisor groups" within the PEOPLE tab within each level, and we have assigned the students who belong to each where they need to be assigned.  So, when making an announcement within our own "clinical group homepage" it should only go to those students who were added (which it does).  However, the announcement also goes to every single faculty member who has access to the course (including the adjuncts, of which there are several).  It is my understanding that the only way for faculty to not get announcements which don't directly apply to them is that they need to shut off their notifications for announcements, but that means they shut them off for EVERY SINGLE canvas course they are enrolled in, which is not helpful.  Is there any way we can change the groups so that we can add specific faculty to each group (only the ones who need access to that group) and only the members in each group get the notifications instead of all of the faculty?