Page Used in Module Indicator

Idea created by Diane Darling on Sep 10, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • Andrea G Schmidt
    • Kevin CSUCanvasAdmin-Nolan
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Regina Hierholzer

    It would be helpful, especially with large courses, to have an indicator/column "Used in Module" on the "Pages" tool. 

    This would provide a quick method to check that all content pages are connected (or not connected) to a module, or module(s), as is desired by the course developer. Anyone reviewing a course for flow and quality would also benefit from this feature.

    Having the ability to sort on this column (as is the case with Page title, Creation Date, and Last Edit) would provide additional ease to review if/where pages are used in the course. 

    Thank you!