Change 'unauthorised' message when a course is dropped

Idea created by Joseph Avneri on Sep 11, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Jennifer Reid
    • Joseph Avneri
    • Susan Nugent
    • Rob Ditto
    • Mia McElroy
    • Laurence Kennedy

    When a user self-enrolls into a course they have the option to 'drop this course' which unenrolls them from the course. Once they click the 'drop this course' button an 'unauthorised' message appears (see image below). Although this isn't really an error as such, as to Canvas the user is unenrolled and therefore doesn't have access to the course, I think the message could be improved by changing it to something like 'you have successfully un-enrolled from [course name]' and then have a link to their dashboard. The 'unauthorised' message below would give the user the impression that something has gone wrong and actually prompts them to seek help/support when in fact the action was completed successfully. 


    There is a workaround in course settings where you can check the box 'Include this course in the public course index', then when the user clicks 'drop this course' the 'unauthorised' message doesn't appear, instead the course home/welcome page appears or whatever the user can see without being enrolled (dependent on course visibility settings etc.). This workaround however, is not ideal and I don't think we should have to make the course appear in the public course index just to alleviate the unauthorised message.


    Any votes are greatly appreciated! Many thanks!