Multiple due dates for assignments

Idea created by Jill Mallek on Sep 11, 2018
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    This is a request for a professor, here's the text:

    Allow incremental due dates for the same assignment, or be able to link an overall grade to multiple assignments. I have students submit journals which update with each chapter and spot check them, docking points if the current or past entries are missing. If I could put multiple due dates on the same assignment, that would let me set up all of the due dates at the beginning of the semester, but still have only one assignment to update grades on and I would be able to see every submission date in the same window.


    Summary: They would like to have students submit different assignments, and it count over the span of the semester. Let's say 10 journals, and if they submit them all, it would count as 100 points, but without it having to have a new assignment to submit it into. 


    The closest I could find to this was: Multiple Due Dates (checkpoints) for Discussions and this would basically be checkpoints using the assignment tool instead of discussions.


    I also found these archived ideas:

    Student Journal or Blog Feature (although this would be using the assignment tool)

    Recurring Assignments