Manually give overall score for power standard

Idea created by SANDRA SCHMIDT on Sep 11, 2018
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    As more districts move towards standards-based grading, Canvas needs to allow teachers to give a scoring to a group rather than just an outcome so parents and students can see how one is progressing towards meetings a power standard.  Right now there are many things that the Learning Mastery section of the grade book can do to support this practice and to report out how a student is doing.  The one feature that is still missing is the ability to manually give a "exceeds mastery, meets mastery, near mastery, and needs more support" to an overall power standard rather than just an outcome.  Below I have explained what our district currently does to report standards-based grading.  I then included a picture of what I would like to see Canvas add as a feature. 



    Right now, I have used the groups as "Power Standards" that will show up on the quarterly report card.  This is shown above.  The power standard on the "Standards based report card" would be standard CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.6.4 which states that students can produce clear and coherent writing.  Under that one power standard are sub-standards or outcomes like being able to write a conclusion, give evidence, and write in formal style.  These skills or outcomes are what students would need in order to meet expectations on the overall power standard (or group) of outcomes that prove the student can produce clear and coherent writing.  While parents can see a checkmark, minus, or plus whether or not the student is meeting the substandard, there is no way of giving the student or parent a quick way to see whether or not the student has met the power standard or Group of outcomes. 


    While there is the circle that shows how many substandards or outcomes have been currently met out of the total number of substandards, this does not show how the student is doing overall on this power standard at this point.  In addition to having the 0 / 8, I would like to be able to have an area that I could enter "exceeds mastery, meets mastery, not mastered, or below mastery for each power standard.   Right now, I am having to hand write that level of proficiency on the big group or "power standard" onto a paper copy of the report card or manually enter it myself into Skyward.  Therefore, parents are only able to see this as quarter time.  If there was a box that allowed teachers to score each group or power standard as exceeds mastery, meets mastery, not yet mastered or insufficient evidence, parents and students would have ongoing reports on each power standard rather than having to wait for a written report card or having to check another system like Skyward.