Downloading embedded media files

Idea created by Chris Baldwin on Sep 14, 2018
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    • Chris Baldwin
    • Brian Westnedge
    • Brittany Maloy

    Canvas has a feature which (helpfully) allows teachers to upload media as embedded media on each page. These are either recorded by Canvas or externally (on a dictaphone or a webcam, for example) and then uploaded as embedded media. I have used this feature to upload and embed audio podcasts on various subjects. The advantages of this are that the media is embedded on the page, so students can listen/watch without being redirected to another file/page and they must be stored on an external Canvas server because they do not count towards your file storage limit.


    The problem, as I have now found out, is that these audio files once uploaded cannot be downloaded. There is no facility for students to download and listen 'off canvas', nor is there any function which allows staff to download them and use them 'off Canvas' (video files can be downloaded by the trick of playing, right-clicking the video and choosing 'save as'. This does not appear as an option for audio files).


    Notwithstanding the practical limitations of this (students would probably like to download their own copy of the files and staff will obviously want to reuse material they think has wide applicability) there are intellectual property issues here too - Canvas appears to be hosting and storing material which is the IP of the creator in most jurisdictions. For all of these reasons, it would be great if Canvas were able to develop a facility to allow for embedded audio files to be downloaded?