Use saved rubric comments in mobile app

Idea created by Sarah Stevenson on Sep 16, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Sarah Stevenson
    • Ron Marx
    • Tori Svoboda

    A very useful item for the Teacher and/or SpeedGrader apps would be the ability to access and use saved rubric comments that were created while grading in Canvas on the web. At the moment, it's possible to assign numerical scores in the rubric, and enter comments manually, but there is no way to access saved rubric comments.


    From a usability perspective, when grading in the app it would make things MUCH easier to be able to use pre-saved comments that can be customized, instead of having to type out every comment afresh--which isn't so bad when using a keyboard but isn't particularly easy on a phone.


    I'd also love to see the ability to edit/delete saved rubric comments, as in this open idea.