More Informational Grade Percentages

Idea created by Arthur Powers on Sep 20, 2018
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    Currently, when a student looks at their grades, all they see are their grades for each sub-section (i.e. homework, tests, participation...) and their overall grade. However, they can't see how each section directly impacts their overall grade. It would be very helpful to include the percentage based on each grade weight. For example, in a situation with homework worth 20%, tests worth 30%, and projects worth 50%, if the student has 80/100 in homework, 100/100 in tests, and 76/100 in projects, the grade would look like this:


    Section        Percentage         Point score         Grade(Weighted)

    Homework:       80%                   80/100                      16%

    Tests:               100%                 100/100                     30%

    Projects:           76%                   76/100                      38%


    Total                  84%