Canvas Student App for K-2 Audience

Idea created by Kara Ripp on Sep 21, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Our K-2 teachers would like to see an early primary K-2 Canvas Student App, designed around young learners. Teachers would like to see a way for younger students to submit and access work in fewer taps in the app and with more pictorial features for non & emergent readers. The current app is very difficult to navigate if your brain struggles to remember and follow multi-step directions and can not read.


    This suggestion stems from teachers who have used Seesaw, Apple Classroom, and Apple Schoolwork. 


    We would like for our teachers K-12 to use the Canvas Student App, not just the students who can read.


    A great example of an app whose developers heard K-2 teachers about this very same issue was Explain Everything. They designed a feature within the Settings where a student can turn on a "Simple Interface."