Editing Calendar Assignments

Idea created by Tahir Khan on Sep 23, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Being able to see all of your assignments on a calendar is great. Being able to export that calendar to Google Calendar or others is even better. However, the lack of permissions is a huge draw back. For example, say there's a quiz due on Tuesday and you take it and now that assignment is done. There is no way to delete the assignment. Also, you are not allowed to reschedule assignments. Say I know the due date is on a Thursday but I want to move the assignment to Tuesday so I do it ahead of time, I am not allowed to. I also can not change the color of assignments even if they are for two different classes. What if I want all of one classes assignments to be green and another to be blue. Or what if I want test to be red and quizzes to be orange? Not possible. This lack of freedom with the calendar hinders and limits organization, time management, and freedom to set up the calendar the way you would like to.