Grade complete/incomplete for Quiz

Idea created by Ståle Heggset on Sep 24, 2018
    • Elisabeth Brummenæs
    • Jørn Harald Høydal
    • Monica Heggset
    • Camilla Wien
    • Ståle Heggset
    • Lars Arne Muren

    For quizzes: We need to have the score option complete/incomplete or ‘approved’/‘not approved’ in a quiz, as already in Discussion and Assignments. 

    The no points option would be great for regular homework, when it is not an exam or test. I would like to just put complete/incomplete or ‘approved’/‘not approved’ or well done. Quiz/survay diverse from assignments as you can give several question-types. Often a better option for smaller pupils, as you can combine multiple choice and essay/file in the same homework. Assignments and Discussions have this option to grade without using points.


    The school system in Skandinavia is not a fan of points every time. We like personal feedback better. Points could distract.