Editing an Arc Video After It's Been Uploaded to Your Arc Library

Idea created by chofer@morainepark.edu Champion on Sep 25, 2018
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    Using the Screen Capture editing tools within Arc, users cannot make further edits to their videos once they have been uploaded to his/her own Arc library.  If we need to edit videos that have already been uploaded to our Arc libraries, we would have to re-create the video or use some other video editing software to make any corrections/edits.  We need way to access all our videos we've created...even after they've been uploaded to the Arc library.


    The Problem:

    The Canvas Arc video tool includes a Screen Capture interface where you can record your screen to demonstrate something on your computer.


    1. Click on Arc on the global navigation.
    2. Click on Record (top right corner of the Arc dashboard)
    3. Select Screen Capture.
    4. After the screen capture software opens, select the region of the screen you want to record, and then click the red Rec button.
    5. Wait for the countdown, and then start recording your screen capture.
    6. Click the blue Pause button to stop the recording.
    7. Click Done.
    8. On the Screen Recorder window that opens, click on the Edit button to start editing your screen capture.  You can leave this window at any time, and Arc will automatically save your edits.


    Assuming that you have not yet told the Arc Screen Capture interface to upload your video to your Arc library, you can go back to your video to make further edits at any time using the complicated process I've outlined in this Feature Idea: Quicker Way to Access Screen to Edit Arc Videos.


    However, what if you've finalized your video and clicked the green Upload button within the Screen Recorder window to upload your video to your Arc library?  What happens to your video in the Screen Recorder window?  There's no way to go back and make any changes to your video because it's not available any more to edit (again, following the directions I've outlined in my linked Feature Idea)?  If I want to change anything in the video, I cannot.  I would have to download the video as a MP4 file, use some other video editing software, and then re-upload the video.  Or, I'd have to re-create the entire video over again if I wanted to utilize the Arc Screen Capture tools.


    There needs to be a way we can further edit our videos via the Screen Capture window.  Our videos should not disappear from that area of Arc after we've uploaded them to our Arc library.