Grade Passing to SIS section by section

Idea created by Amy Moore on Sep 26, 2018
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    Since my school updated to PowerTeacherPro whenever I pass grade to canvas it is now passing grades to ALL sections that are in my course instead of one section at a time. While at first this might sounds like a time saver it is actually very bad because sometimes teachers don't want grades for all sections to post at the same time (maybe they only graded one section or maybe there is more then one instructor in the course and their students haven't even done the assignment yet). What is worse is that if you post twice the second time it will overwrite any changes you have made on the SIS (powerschool) side of things - things like comments/extra credit/missing or late indicators are all overwritten when you post grades a second time which can be terribly inconvenient. In the past this was the default - that we could post section by section - I am not sure why it has changed but upon reaching out to Canvas support I was informed that this is how this feature now works and that I should submit it as a feature idea so here I am hoping they can fix this and allow me once again control to pass grades one section at a time (or at least designate which sections I want grades to post for when I sync grades!)