Automatic pagination of module content on the Admin/Teacher side

Idea created by Vaughn De Fouw on Sep 27, 2018
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    We are currently experiencing some problems with the length of the content on some of our modules.  The sheer amount of content on the page is causing some performance problems in the area of page loading.  This only happens in the Admin/Teacher interface because some of the content will remain hidden for a student as the course progresses.  We have tested from a variety of computers - the primary being i5 equipped laptops using the latest version of Chrome as the browser.  Firefox actually seems to be able to handle it about best right now, but there is still considerable loading time.

    For example, a Spanish Pathways course at our High School has enough content to fill between 60-120 printed pages if you do a Print Preview.  This seems to be just too much content for the scripts to effectively generate on a single page load efficiently.


    When clicking on "Modules" this page can take anywhere from 15-45 seconds to fully load a result.  There is oftentimes a quite long delay between clicking on Modules and actually having content show up.  Some browsers will also pull up "this page has a long running script - do you wish to terminate".  This is creating frustration for our staff members who are using the page.  Most modules generally load within a couple seconds, which is perfectly acceptable, but not this longer module.



    When looking at the screenshot below, one can see the amount of content by looking at the size of the scrollbar:


    The thought is that there needs to be a way for the interface to automatically sense when content goes over a certain number of items and then automatically paginate the content.  This could probably be set to 25-50 items pretty comfortably and then above that, automatically paginate.


    From using many other systems, I feel that this is a pretty standard thing to do when content reaches over a certain number of lines  Below is a sample of what another system does for reference (make it selectable - how many items on each page and then it has a nice chooser to go between pages):


    If this could be looked into, it would definitely help some of our teachers who are struggling.  We did notice that some newer computers definitely seem to load the content faster, but unfortunately, not everyone can run brand new $2500 computers with i9 processors.  I just tried it on a Lenovo N23 Chromebook with a Celeron N3160 CPU and it took 1 minute and 40 seconds to load.  That would definitely be frustrating (not that using that type of computer isn't already frustrating, but that's a whole other topic...)