Not Handed In Status

Idea created by kate thomas on Sep 27, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Tammy Torres
    • Erin Schmidt
    • Belinda Stutzman
    • kate thomas
    • Scott Maclachlan

    I propose that a status of "Not Handed In" or "Not Submitted" be added to the Canvas grade book statuses.   Right now, if I assign an assignment and a student doesn't hand it in it is marked as missing.  Sometimes the role of that assignment changes as the year goes on, for instance, it is no longer relevant, or it was a part of a project that is now completed.  I can currently close the assignment so no more submissions are handed in, but the assignment is still marked MISSING which is confusing to kids and parents. 


    I like the MISSING status as a notice, that something is not handed in but should be.  I wish there was a status for things that weren't turned in and should no longer be a focus of students' attention.  NOT HANDED IN could be the status for something that wasn't handed in and no longer can be


    UNGRADED to me, means students have turned something in, but I haven't check it off.  EXCUSED means to me that for some reason the student wasn't asked to do the assignment or has a valid reason to not do it.  MISSING as I mentioned before means not turned in, but should be.  LATE is turned in but after the due date.  RESUBMITTED is just that, an additional submission was made.  And DROPPED, quite honestly, I see no use for in my current class.  There is no option for wasn't turned in and shouldn't be.