CSV file export from Canvas

Idea created by Kristen Stepp on Sep 27, 2018
    • Kristen Stepp

    I think setting up an option to export data out of/from Canvas would really help any Admin work on a prolonged or reoccurring project.


    Some examples of what I am talking about:


    Courses published vs Couses not published

                As an LMS coordinator it is my responsibility to publish courses for our term. I would love to be able to export the course listing into a CSV file and then use that file to figure out what courses are not published. This would allow me to go directly to the course, without having to navigate through the pages and search for the check mark.


    Permissions and Account Roles

             Although this tab is user friendly, I would also like the option to export this data into a CSV file. This would allow me to share a master copy with my supervisor and to have all the roles and permissions on one spreadsheet instead of scrolling over and down to see everything. It would also allow us to generate or rename roles and what permissions they should have, and use it as a working spreadsheet before we start hitting the button to turn roles on and off.