Exclude single courses from all promotion codes

Idea created by Jaclyn Smith on Oct 2, 2018
    Open for Voting

    In the Continuing and Professional Education environment, we use promotion codes every day. We need the ability to offer discounts to potential partners or single out a certain group of people we want to try our courses. At my University, we have multiple departments who contribute courses to us, but aren't always interested in offering discounts for their courses.


    Currently, admins can either apply promotion codes to individual courses or whole entire catalogs. However, what if you wanted to run a promotion for 50% off your courses to alumni, but some departments are not interested in discounting their courses? The only way around this is to 1. Restructure your sub-catalogs 2. Hide the non-participating departments courses until the promotion is over. 3. Issue a refund if someone accidently uses the promo code on the excluded course. Or 4. Apply a different promotion code to every sub-catalog because you can't use the same promo code on more than one catalog (not ideal for advertising).


    An example: ASU wants to offer a 50% discount to all alumni for all Continuing and Professional Education courses. In order to advertise this, we can only use 1 promotion code. We checked with all our departments and there is 1 department who doesn't want this code applied to their course. So, naturally we would apply the promotion code to our parent catalog for all public courses. However, there is no way to exclude this 1 course without applying the promotion code to all our sub-catalogs individually. 


    A little more customization with the promotion codes would be extremely helpful!