Match Timezone in Settings to Time-Stamp Columns in Reports

Idea created by Karla Hurlbert on Oct 2, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Padgy Schrank
    • jan brueggemeier

    We use Canvas to take the school's attendance every morning. We then generate the attendance report. However, even though in the administrative settings, our time zone is set to Eastern Time US, the time stamp on the report is UTC time.


    The time-stamp column is very important to us as we use that column to report/document when the attendance to reported by the teacher. If further supports our documentation when it comes to handling parent concerns about their respective student's attendance at the start of the day.


    Is there ANY possibility of this being changed so that when the attendance report is generated, it actually pulls the correct time zone set in administrative settings, for better accuracy?

    All the best, -Karla Hurlbert

    Villa Joseph Marie High School