'Reminding' students of incomplete peer reviews in bulk

Idea created by Jeremy Stevens on Oct 2, 2018
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    Peer review assignments currently have a 'Remind' feature, which allows instructors to remind students to complete any incomplete peer reviews. Instructors can send these reminders under the 'Peer Reviews' menu of an assignment. See 'Manage Peer Review' in How do I manually assign peer reviews for an assignment?.


    As of Canvas Release Notes (2018-10-06), these reminders will appear in student to-do lists on the List view dashboard. (As a question for Canvas admin – will these reminders appear in student to-do lists in the Card view dashboard as well?)


    There are two improvements that would make the reminder feature more efficient and useful for instructors:


    Reminding students in bulk:

    Currently the process for sending our reminders is student by student. For large cohorts, it would be useful if an instructor could do this in bulk: for example, a button that says 'Remind all students who have incomplete peer reviews', that sends out a notification to all relevant students for that assignment. This would save a large amount of time.


    Setting reminder dates:

    I spoke with Canvas support staff about what date those reminders are set for, once the 'bell' is clicked for a student. They told me the reminder is set for the same day the 'bell' is clicked. Meaning if I remind the student on a Monday, the to-do item appears to be set on that Monday for the student. It would be useful if Canvas allowed the instructor to choose what date that reminder was set for: meaning a reminder could be set ahead of time, and the student could see it coming up in their to-do list and calendar. Currently, there's no way to set those reminders in such a way that students have a lead time on preparing and completing the task.