Warm-up/Consolidate Assignment

Idea created by Jonathan Hightower on Oct 3, 2018
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    • Jonathan Hightower

    Update: After talking with Kristin Lundstrum, I decided there is a better way to go about explaining this possible useful tool. I would like there to be a way to consolidate assignments by groups/multiple assignments in one/tags so as to not clutter the grade book with multiple assignments/quizzes that will all count together. 


    EXAMPLE: I currently am using an outside app (OFFICE365) to do my warm-up quizzes. The issue with this is that it only tells me who did it and what they got on it, not who didn't. I then have to go in with a checklist to check who did it and what they got on it (if grading for the accuracy of the quiz) which takes a lot of time. If this was done on canvas, I would see what my roster did and who had NOT completed or attempted it. I would then like to average those warm-up quizzes (maybe weekly or bi-weekly) for one single warm-up grade.


    I think there could be many applications of a tool like this. I am sure some of you would be much more imaginative than I am with it. Let me know what you think.





    I would really like for there to be a function where there can be multiple checkpoints in one assignment. If I wanted to do something like a self grading warm-up "quiz" everyday in canvas right now, I would have to make multiple assignments and it would clutter up my grade book. This is just not practical and so I am having to use something outside of canvas. The problem here is that the thing I am using does not have my students names in it so I am having to go through by hand and see who did and did not complete it. 

    With a multiple checkpoint assignment, I could see that a student did 5 out of 5 of their warm-up and give them the appropriate grade right inside canvas. I think this would be a helpful feature for many fields and grade levels.