Limit the ability to create Discussions in a group

Idea created by Phil Rogacki on Oct 3, 2018
    Open for Voting

    We are still somewhat new to Canvas and our users are as well. We would like the ability to keep students in a group from creating new Discussions because:

    1. We have reflection questions in our Discussions to get students engaged in the material and conversing with their ideas about it;
    2. We haven't advertised the ability to create new Discussions, but with the large "+ Discussion" button, some students have clicked on it, not been sure of what they are doing, and created a new Discussion;
    3. When new Discussions are created like that we get many more cases submitted to our Customer Service Dept. from students asking "What is this? I thought the Discussions were going to have reflection questions." to students saying "I posted and now I can't find it." because they created a Discussion without knowing what they were doing.
    4. Some students find the newly created Discussions and post there, diffusing the engagement in the Discussion we want students to be working in.


    If we could limit groups' ability to create new Discussions we would:

    • Cut down on the confusion our students have around group Discussions;
    • Cut down on the number of cases our Customer Service Dept. has to handle as a result of that confusion; and
    • Get more focused engagement in the Discussion we want students to be in.