Granular permissions for centrally provisioned assignments

Idea created by James Trueman on Oct 3, 2018
    Open for Voting

    We are provisioning our assignments directly from our Student Record System (SRS) to Canvas using API parameters and have hit a bit of an issue – in that Instructors are deleting the assignments we’ve provisioned and re-creating them manually.  This has a number of issues including that the link between our SRS record and Canvas is broken – and we can’t update the assignment programmatically if we need to (e.g. the due date changes). Because of the complexity of centrally provisioned assignments - and mission-critical impact of summative assessments being removed from Canvas, we really need to lock these down better than currently possible.


    We do however want to / need to support and encourage local creation of formative assessments.  To that end, we’re looking for a way to lock the SRS provisioned assignments from being deleted and preferably also unpublished – whilst allowing Instructors to continue managing their other ‘non-SRS’ assignments freely.  We came across the AssignmentFreezer plugin in the API – but have been advised that this isn't a viable solution.  


    A suggested alternative is that the assignment permissions are broken up as part of the Granular Permissions Project - whereby certain users cannot delete, unpublish, edit assignments.  However, we suspect this would only really work if only the SRS/summative assignments are so locked by the more granular permissions, and formative assignments were left open.


    Has anyone got any other suggestions?